Red Snapper Bloody Mary

by Matt McGinnis

Most of us know her as Ms. Bloody Mary, but a little-known fact, is her given name is Her Royal Highness, Red Snapper. Call her what you like, 100 Mill St Gin makes a perfect complement to you next "Red 'Bloody Mary' Snapper" moment.  The spice and tomato are ideal savory flavors for 100 Mill's cardamom and coriander botanicals.  So, there she is, the glorious Blood Mary refreshed and renewed with 100 Mill St Gin.  Her Royal Highness of tasty, tomato-y cocktails is ready for brunch, gameday, a sidekick to beery, and the highest praises.



  • Start with:  2oz of 100 Mill St Gin
  • Mix in: Bloody Mary Mix - We like Bittercube Garden Variety mix
  • Spice it: We enjoy a splash of Crybaby Craig's
  • Garnish it: Anything we can find!